McCoy Metals process and trade thousands of tonnes of scrap metal per year. We supply both the home markets and export markets. We achieve this by various techniques and processes:

Vehicle Depollution

McCoy Metals operates an authorised treatment facility (ATF) for the depollution of end of life vehicles (ELVs). We have a modern, fully equipped depollution facility allowing ELVs to be depolluted to current legislative standards that includes the removal of tyres, battery, catalysts, fuel and all other vehicle fluids so they can be either reused, recycled or disposed of correctly.

All vehicles scrapped with McCoy Metals are fully deregistered and a certificate of destruction (COD) issued.

All vehicles are depolluted prior to being processed through our shredder facility.


We operate a powerful shredder capable of shredding thousands of tonnes per year of infeed material that includes end of life vehicles, white goods and light iron into a quality high density furnace feed.


McCoy Metals operate eddy current separators to extract non ferrous metals from shredder residue.


Enabling us to process various grades of scrap, our 500 tonne shear baler processes thousands of tonnes per year.

Container Exports

Our 20' container tilter enables us to export thousands of tonnes of scrap metal all over the world. We also load 40' containers with all grades of non ferrous metal.

Non Ferrous Processing

McCoy Metals sorts, shred, shear and bale many different types of non ferrous scrap.

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